FIRST Robotics Competition

Complimentary OneIPM Usage for FIRST Teams

OneIPM is proud to be a sponsor of FIRST and wish all teams great success. To help your teams be as efficient as possible, we are offering free usage of OneIPM for all FIRST students and mentors.

In today's environment where many are participating remotely, OneIPM will be an essential tool to ensure projects keep moving forward while enabling full visibility across the team.

OneIPM provides easy-to-use, fully associative, project and task management completely within Onshape. It's also a powerful document browser helping users better visualize product structure and part versions.

Here are the steps to activate your OneIPM free usage for FIRST teams:

  1. First, create your Onshape account
  2. Next, subscribe to the OneIPM Free Trial in the Onshape App Store (more info here)
  3. Then, fill out the form below to extend you free usage for the build season
Thank you for signing up for OneIPM. Good luck to you and your team and have a great season! Don't forget to see below for helpful tips

Where can I find more information?

  1. Getting Started - Learn how to subscribe and launch OneIPM for the first time
  2. How To - The main help/documentation section
  3. FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions
  4. Blog- Great place to watch for the latest information related to OneIPM