• Manage all your projects and tasks in one place
  • Include everyone, even non-CAD users
  • Innovative browsing through your Onshape data
OneIPM is a feature-rich Integrated Project Management solution for Onshape!
Why choose OneIPM? Watch this brief 2 minute video to find out!

Project Management

Easily create and manage tasks with drag and drop simplicity. The Task Manager is visual, fun, and can be linked directly to your CAD documents.

Loaded with smart features. Drag an unassigned task from the Backlog to In Progress and you are automatically asked if you would like to be the owner of the task. Drag a task to Done and you are asked if you would like to update the progress and mark as complete.

Visual History

View all versions of a part on a single page along a timeline.

Or better yet, watch your part build, from version-to-version, right before your eyes!

Simply drag the version slider left or right and watch as the part morphs from one version to the next.

This is a time-saving feature to help familiarize yourself with how the part was built, ultimately ending up with a better understanding of the original design intent.

Document Explorer

View your data your way! Choose grid view for large thumbnail images. View as a flat or indented (parent/child - BOM) list for easy inline editing of properties. Or even show your data as a hierarchical relationship view... linear or radial.

OneIPM provides enhanced viewing options such as dynamic thumbnail sizing, infinite scrolling, sorting, filtering, column visibility and ordering, and much more!

OneIPM Highlights

  • Task Manager
  • Track progress
  • Set priorities
  • Task assignment
  • Comments
  • Full history
  • Drag&Drop
  • Filtering
  • Customizable
  • Private projects
  • Shared projects
  • Linked projects
  • Team's support
  • My Dashboard
  • Overview
  • Manage priorities
  • What's at risk
  • Due now/soon
  • Document-based
  • Drill-down details
  • One app for your company
  • Easy for non-CAD users
  • Runs inside Onshape
  • OR... runs in a browser
  • Edit Properties
  • Documents
  • Assemblies
  • Parts
  • Custom
  • Auto-sum!!!
  • Version History
  • Grid/list views
  • Timeline
  • Morphing views
  • Visual Navigation
  • Drill-down
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Configurations Support
  • Onshape Extensions
  • Flexible Views
  • Grid view
  • Flat list
  • Indented (BOM)
  • Hierarchical (Tree)
  • Node view
  • Rich Viewing Options
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Scaling
  • Column ordering
  • Column sizing
  • Column visibility
  • Version morphing
  • Export data to PDF
  • Export data to CSV
  • Standalone App
  • Onshape Add-in
  • Works on Tablets
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