Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The first step is to visit the Onshape App Store and subscribe to the OneIPM app. This can be found in the Data Management section.
Next, you can add the app to your documents in Onshape using these instruction. Alternatively, after subscribing to the app in Onshape, you can run the app in a browser by going to https://oneipm.com/app.
For more detailed information, see the Getting Started Section. And make sure to check out the Getting Started video on our YouTube channel for a quick tutorial.
Please check out the following resources: Getting Started - Learn how to subscribe and launch OneIPM for the first time. How To - The primary/detaild documentation for OneIPM. YouTube - This is where you can find training videos for OneIPM. Blog - Great place to watch for the latest information and release history for OneIPM.
When you are browsing documents in OneIPM, right-click on a document, assembly, part or drawing and select "Create New Task" from the context menu.
There are 2 ways. The easiest is to simply drag and drop the task from one column to another.
Alternatively, when you are editing a task you can select the new state at the top of the edit task dialog.
Simply double click on any node to toggle its current state between expanded and collapsed.
Select the top-left button with an arrow shape pointing right. A drop-down menu will appear. Near the bottom you can select to go to the Dashboard, Task Manager or Document views.
Private projects can only be seen by you. It is a good place to manage projects/tasks that no one else needs to see.
A shared project contains tasks that anyone on your team or company can see and modify. A share project can be shared with the company (if you belong to one) or an Onshape team. Sharing can be selected when you create or edit a project.
Yes. When you see a document in the Document viewer or a task associated with a document, simply right-click and select "Open in Onshape".
Right-click on the task and select "Edit Task". Alternatively, you can just double-click on the task.
Right-click on the task and select "Delete Task".
Either double-click on the document, or right-click and select "Browse Into".
When viewing documents, on the top-left select the "List" view. Then if you have the required access, you can simply double-click in a cell and edit the property.
Click this link to send us your requests and feedback. We'd love to hear what you think about OneIPM.